Tuesday, September 20, 2011

pleurisy Symptoms

Pleurisy Symptoms

The main pleurisy symptoms is breathing and coughing.Other pleurisysymptoms are shortness of breath.High fever is also pleurisy symptoms.Whenever you are facing breathing difficulties see a doctor because it’s a pleurisy symptoms.Other pleurisy symptoms are sudden weight loss,bleeds in the mouth while coughing.Whenever you are facing any pleurisy symptoms see a doctor immediately.Whenever you see a sudden growth in stomach it’s a pleurisysymptoms.Headaches and muscle ache are pleurisy symptoms.If anyone’s rib is broken then they will began to see pleurisy symptoms.Turning skin blue is not the only pleurisy symptoms but also less in appetite.If anyone is having any problems in their life they should immediately contact a doctor at a primary stage because when it will grow large and began to see pleurisy symptoms, it will be hard to control the disease.The doctor may prescribe medication follow them properly to coltrol the disease at a preliminary stage when it can cause a big disease and kill a life.We should be care ful of pleurisy symptoms.The Pleural Fluid is a very dangerous disease now and killing life in a very short time.So we should take necessary steps against this.The pleurisy symptoms is given in the above so if you have any of this see a doctor for routine checkup.


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